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About Us

Share Your Story Foundation was founded by with the core purpose of rendering assistance to the needy.

We assist individuals, schools, families and the disabled in living a better life by giving them all the support they need within our capacity.

We are a community of people that believes that everyone deserves a better life. We therefore partner with interested individuals and organisations that have interest in humanity development to assist as many people that could not assist themselves as we can.

We organise Seminars, contests, conferences and Talent shows to enable talented ones who have no sponsors to showcase their unique talent and receive assistance where necessary.

Our Facebook and other social Media Community are open to anyone that wants to join us in doing this great work for God and humanity.

Our Vision

Share your story Foundation is a reputable organisation borne out of the strong passion, desire and commitment with mandate to help individuals, families and institutions that are helpless to actualise the Life they will be proud of.

We want to build a community where the son of a Nobody can be Somebody without passing through humiliations for not knowing anybody.

Nigeria is our Starting point and we dream to extend this act of humanity to Africa the World at large.

Our Mission

We are commissioned for this purpose, to equipping fellow Nigerians and beyond with neccessary help and relevant knowledge that will take them from despicable Situations to self-reliance and fulfillment of their dreams.

Share Your Story Foundation is formidably established to help the less privileged, Widows, the disabled and many others who could not comfortably care for themselves.

Thus we are Strongly Motivated in consonance with the special mission of this reputable organisation to give attention to the needs of the aforementioned and provide aids within our capacity for them.

We also accept Partnership from interested Individuals, collaborate with top organisations with esteemed reputation and committed towards helping the helpless.

Finally, we provide Platforms through which talented Youths can excel marvellously in their specialisation.

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You can put a lasting smile on a childs face today, by merely donating for them.